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We can help plan your next Thailand adventure

We can help plan your next Thailand adventure

Thailand remains the top destination for tourism in Southeast Asia for one reason – it has something for everyone!

Whether it’s the stunning fine sand beaches of Phuket, the thumping pulse of Bangkok, or the pristine mountain views of Chiang Mai, there’s an experience to suit every taste.

Karma welcomes you to the Kingdom of Thailand with our two Thai resorts – Karma Royal Boat Lagoon, Phuket, and Karma Royal Bella Vista, Chiang Mai. Read on and find out why we’ve chosen these two stunning destinations for you, our members!

Phuket – Thailand’s established island paradise

Phuket – Thailand’s established island paradise

Situated among the glittering waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is Thailand’s original and most established tropical island escape. The Thai people – ever welcoming with a smile – have nurtured Phuket’s growth to make it one of the most modern and socially vibrant holiday destinations anywhere in the world. You can find almost anything here: lazy walks along perfect beaches, all the spice and fire of original Thai cuisine, verdant jungle views, pumping night life and breathtaking luxury.

Karma Royal Boat Lagoon, centrally located along the island’s east coast, is your gateway to Phuket’s fascinating and varied sights. Explore near-deserted islands just off the coast, traditional Buddhist temples covered in gold leaf and wreathed in incense, or fire up the senses with a green curry from one of the many local – and inexpensive - restaurants… and that’s just above the water!

What our members have to say about Phuket

Mr. Paul Lemmey and Mrs. Maureen Lemmey

Mr. Paul Lemmey and Mrs. Maureen Lemmey
Mr. Paul Lemmey and Mrs. Maureen Lemmey

“Recently we had the pleasure of going to stay at Royal Lighthouse Karma Resort, Boat Lagoon in Phuket. We looked forward to it because we stayed here previously 2 years ago and loved it.

Once again we loved this spot even though we were on the marina it was so tranquil and a fantastic view was had every time we looked out. The boats must have a noise restriction so no early noises from them leaving.

Also no scooters were allowed down were we were stayed so again very peaceful and relaxed which was just what we needed. They have done heaps with the property as they now do a fantastic breakfast and deliver to your room. They have a massage area and have facilitated a bar near the pool.

The staff are brilliant, friendly, very helpful always trying to make you feel special whilst you are there. We would like a huge thanks to go to Jang and Lloyd who went above and beyond our expectations. Outstanding service. They made our stay extra special. Jimmy thank you for your care and chats too..

They offer some fantastic tours and can also take you to any destination with the very friendly taxi driver and tour guide.

In Boat Lagoon complex there are heaps of eateries to choose from all at very reasonable prices and the supermarket has been revamped and caters for all tastes and budgets as well as families, very impressed with the facilities around. Again our holiday was fantastic and we look forward to our next stay. I'm saving up now...

Mystic Chiang Mai – Thailand’s spiritual heartland

Mystic Chiang Mai – Thailand’s spiritual heartland

Surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, Chiang Mai is known as the ‘Rose of the North’. A land of mountains and lush green forests, stately ancient wats (the Thai word for temple) and the heart of the region’s Lanna culture. Historically speaking, there’s no other destination in Thailand as exciting and diverse!

Karma Royal Bella Vista provides everything you’ll need to explore this culturally rich and beautiful region. Built to resemble a small and intimate village, the manicured gardens and cobbled walkways of the resort offer a relaxing sanctuary after a trip to Chiang Mai’s colourful night markets, or a day spent hiking up 309 steps to the awe-inspiring Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – arguably Chiang Mai’s most stunning and ancient temple.

Visitors can choose from our luxurious hotel-style rooms or our cosy two bedroom cottages – perfect for families or groups.

What our members have to say about Chiang Mai

Aruna L. Mascarenhas

Aruna L. Mascarenhas
Aruna L. Mascarenhas

“We've always had many enjoyable holidays and each one seems to be better than the other. We are just back from our 2 week vacation stay at Bella Vista in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The place is beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking. The weather there is cooler in the evenings. Loved the cottage we stayed in... Specially the back porch and the little stream that follows outside. We would sit out early every morning sipping coffee while enjoying the morning breeze and hearing the birds chrip.

The housekeeping service is good and so are the staff at the reception. We enjoyed our daily walks around the place. You can catch the elephants at a walking distance from Bella Vista and you can even ride on them which is even better.

We would ride the bicycles every evening and they are readily available if you ask at the reception counter. Free movie dvds can be rented if you have nothing to do and need some time pass. For those who love bike riding like we do then bikes can be hired from the reception at a small amount. There's lots to do and see in Chiang Mai we really enjoyed every bit of it.

The night bazaar is lovely and street food is yummy!! We took the shuttle service from the resort on Sunday evening and roamed the bazaar till it was time to go back. Shopping there is fun!!

Bella Vista in Chiang Mai is definitely a must visit for everyone and we ourselves can't wait to visit that place again.

Thank you so much!!”

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